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Sunrise Shorshe Posto Powder

Sunrise Shorshe Posto Powder

West Bengal

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• Shorshe Posto or Yellow Mustard Powder is delectable blend of Shorsho and Posto, making it a very integral part of the Bengali kitchen and best suited for making fish curries.
• Just add lukewarm water and a pinch of salt to the Sunrise Shorshe Posto Powder and it is ready to be used in 10 mins to make mouth-watering delicious Bengali delicacies like Bhetki Bhape, Bhetki Paturi, and even with fishes like Rui, Katla and Parshe.
• The strong pungent and dominant flavor of mustard along with the creamy and nuttiness of poppy is a match made in heaven for all the Bengalis worldwide.

Storage Information: Store in cool, dry & hygienic place

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More about Sunrise Shorshe Posto Powder

Net Weight

50 gms

Shelf Life

12 months

What are the ingredients of Sunrise Shorshe Posto Powder

Mixed Spices, Mustard & Poppy Seeds, Dehydrated Green Chillies And Iodised Salt.

Where is Sunrise Shorshe Posto Powder from?

Sunrise Shorshe Posto Powder is from the state of West Bengal.

What is story of Sunrise Shorshe Posto Powder? Why is the brand so famous?

Since: 1902
Location: West Bengal

Sunrise was started over a century ago, in 1902, by Pandit Ishwari Prasad Sharma. Today, SUNRISE is not only a leading brand in the packaged spices category in India , Bangladesh and Nepal. For Sunrise , Quality is God and of utmost importance. Small, honest beginnings. Steady, sustained growth. A circle of ever-expanding, committed stakeholders and ever-growing loyal customer base, making them one of the most trusted brands across demographics in the country.

Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Grretta thakker
Very good products & service

I'm happy with all the products tht i hv ordered frm thestateplate

Anurita Banerjee

For quick cooking, it helps. But the main packaging box was open and received in damaged condition.

D S Sekhar
Spices ordered through State Plate

The 3 Sunrise Shahi Garam packet box was in open condition when I opened the carton. Second thing was Puchka masala packet was cut in the middle. The aroma and most of its masala powder spilled all over inside the box.Very disappointed with the packaging ...Received the courier late by 5 days...



J.Sen Mazumdar


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