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Where and how can I buy Diamond online?

You can buy Diamond online at The State Plate at best prices. The Slate Plate delivers Diamond anywhere in India and abroad including USA, UK and other international countries. The Stale Plate also offers free delivery above a certain amount for domestic orders. You can buy other famous brands from The State Plate also. The State Plate delivers products from Maharashtra, Karnataka, West Bengal, Gujarat, Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, etc.

Why is Diamond famous? What is the story behind the brand?

You can now shop Diamond Roasted Peanuts Online at The State Plate with delivery across the globe. Diamond Peanuts is a leading supplier of peanuts and has been operating since 1997 from Rajkot, Gujarat, India. With a deep understanding of the food industry and a commitment to quality, they have established themselves as a premier brand in the market.
Their systematic approach to business and focus on maintaining high standards of quality has earned them an excellent reputation among their clients. Diamond Peanuts uses only the finest ingredients and maintains strict hygiene standards in their premises to ensure that their customers receive the best quality food items that they expect.

Which state is Diamond originate from?

Diamond originates from Gujarat. But with The State Plate, you can now buy Diamond anywhere in India and globe.