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Where and how can I buy Chitale Bandhu online?

You can buy Chitale Bandhu online at The State Plate at best prices. The Slate Plate delivers Chitale Bandhu anywhere in India and abroad including USA, UK and other international countries. The Stale Plate also offers free delivery above a certain amount for domestic orders. You can buy other famous brands from The State Plate also. The State Plate delivers products from Maharashtra, Karnataka, West Bengal, Gujarat, Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, etc.

Why is Chitale Bandhu famous? What is the story behind the brand?

You can buy Chitale Bandhu Mithaiwale products at The State Plate. It has one of the best snacks and sweets like legendary Chitale Bandhu Bakarwadi, Chitale Bandhu Amba Barfi, Chitale Bandhu Shankarpale, Chitale Bandhu Patal Poha Chiwda and more.
The veins of the rich Chitale legacy trace back to 1939, founded by the visionary Late Shri. Bhaskar Ganesh Chitale at Bhilawadi in Sangli district. A foundation strongly engraved in the ethos of quality, excellence, and superior customer service has enabled the company to expand to international markets. The company currently exports its range of products to countries across the European Union, the USA, South East Asia, and Australia.
Having consistently delivered a tasteful, fresh, and nourishing experience for more than 80 years, the company has successfully crafted a brand identity that's truly unique!

Which state is Chitale Bandhu originate from?

Chitale Bandhu originates from Maharashtra. But with The State Plate, you can now buy Chitale Bandhu anywhere in India and globe.