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Where and how can I buy Mukharochak Snacks online?

You can buy Mukharochak Snacks online at The State Plate at best prices. The Slate Plate delivers Mukharochak Snacks anywhere in India and abroad including USA, UK and other international countries. The Stale Plate also offers free delivery above a certain amount for domestic orders. You can buy other famous brands from The State Plate also. The State Plate delivers products from Maharashtra, Karnataka, West Bengal, Gujarat, Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, etc.

Why is Mukharochak Snacks famous? What is the story behind the brand?

You can now shop Kolkata's Famous Mukharochak Snacks online at The State Plate with delivery across the globe. Buy
Mukharochak Namkeens - One of the most popular, respected, and time-tested brands of India, Mukharochak hails from Kolkata. All its products are royal and very tasty. This amazing affair between Mukharochak and millions of Bengali households began over sixty-five years ago and has been continuing since. All it took was an honest and humble approach of a family and their passionate desire to offer some satisfying, yet very exciting snacks to all. The Chandra family almost single-handedly scripted the story of this everlasting affair between Bengalis and that time-tested ethnic snack - Chanachur. The family of the Chandras, like a true pioneer, gave birth to Mukharochak - the brand which would rule snacks-loving consumers' tongues for decades to come. Since: 1950

Which state is Mukharochak Snacks originate from?

Mukharochak Snacks originates from West Bengal . But with The State Plate, you can now buy Mukharochak Snacks anywhere in India and globe.