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Puchka (Panipuri) Aloo Masala

Puchka (Panipuri) Aloo Masala

West Bengal

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• Just mix it in mashed potatoes and relish a flavourful puchka aloo masala in under a minute!
• Now make the most spicy, tangy and flavourful Aloo Masala for your mouth-watering Puchkas with this Puchka (Panipuri)
• Aloo Masala which are specifically homemade and made using only distinct and particular spices to give you the feels of West Bengal with your Puchkas.
• Made with purity and love using only 100% quality ingredients. You can also add this Masala to prepare other items for a touch of tanginess.

Taste Profile: Mildly Spicy, Flavourful
Preservative Disclaimer: No preservatives added

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More about Puchka (Panipuri) Aloo Masala

Net Weight

100 gms

Shelf Life

12 months


Cumin, Jaljeera, Coriander, Salt, Black Salt, Bay Leaves, Roasted Chilli, Cardomom

State of Origin

West Bengal

Brand Story

The State Plate sources products from the best manufacturers across the country. We evaluate 50+ authentic manufacturers for each product and select the best product in terms of taste, quality and authenticity, tested by our community of customers themselves! All products are sourced from their place of origin.

We source Snacks, Sweets, Staples, Groceries from different parts of the country, including West Bengal, Maharashtra, Gujarat, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka and more. This is your one stop destination to fulfil your hometown cravings.

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Jyoti Singhvi

Bring some more masalas like for ghoogni and jhal muri

Mukul Panda

Perfect bengali phuchka flavor...

Amita Kalra

Salt absent from the masala.salt should be added

amazing Puchk aaloo masala

Amazing taste and thanks to state plate for making this masala available on their platform.

Ahana Chatterjee

Trust me I am making perfect phuchka, aloo kabli and churmur at home and all thanks to these masalas from State Plate.
Highly recommended and buy it with the water masala. It's just perfect. Thank you :)

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