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Kayani Bakery Shrewsbury Biscuits

Kayani Bakery Shrewsbury Biscuits

Kayani Bakery (Pune)

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Original Kayani Shrewsbury Biscuits bakery from Pune's most iconic delicacy.

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  • Shrewsbury cake or Shrewsbury biscuit is indeed a classic English dessert that takes its name from Shrewsbury, the county town of Shropshire. It is a beloved treat known for its irresistible deliciousness, buttery texture, and ability to melt in the mouth.
  • The delightful combination of rich buttery flavor, delicate texture, and a hint of sweetness makes it a delightful treat for any occasion
  • Shrewsbury cake/biscuit has gained a reputation for being incredibly tasty, earning the slogan "Once Bought, Always Liked.
  • Kayani Biscuits, with their rich, delectable flavors, are the perfect indulgence to satisfy your midnight cravings and create a scrumptious accompaniment to your morning or evening brew.
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More about Kayani Bakery Shrewsbury Biscuits

Net Weight

500 gms

Shelf Life

20 days

What are the ingredients of Kayani Bakery Shrewsbury Biscuits

Sugar, Flour, Butter and Lemon zest;

Where is Kayani Bakery Shrewsbury Biscuits from?

Kayani Bakery Shrewsbury Biscuits is from the state of Pune, Maharastra .

What is story of Kayani Bakery Shrewsbury Biscuits? Why is the brand so famous?

The Kayani Bakery in Pune is indeed renowned for its iconic delicacy, the Shrewsbury biscuits. Since its establishment in the 1950s, Kayani Bakery has captured the hearts of countless people with its delectable treats. The Shrewsbury biscuits from Kayani Bakery have become synonymous with quality and flavor.

Kayani Bakery's Shrewsbury biscuits are made using a traditional recipe that has been perfected over the years. These biscuits are known for their buttery texture, delicate crumble, and the perfect balance of sweetness. They are often enjoyed as an accompaniment to tea or coffee, or simply as a delightful snack on their own.

When you purchase Shrewsbury biscuits from Kayani Bakery, you can expect them to come in their original packaging, ensuring the freshness and authenticity of the product. The biscuits are carefully made and packed to preserve their flavor and quality.

If you have the opportunity to visit Pune or have access to Kayani Bakery's products, trying their Shrewsbury biscuits is highly recommended. Their reputation as one of Pune's most iconic delicacies speaks volumes about their taste and quality. So, enjoy the best of Kayani Bakery's Shrewsbury biscuits straight from the city of Pune!

Customer Reviews

Based on 31 reviews
Ragini Pasricha
An Expensive Treat!

Kayani's Shrewsbury biscuits are excellent and are loved by the entire family but at Rs. 750 for 500 gms on State Plate, one has to think twice before ordering them.

Nitesh Patidar


Shrubbery biscuits

You are advertising for shrubbery biscuits from kayani bakery, but i have read the written on biscuits is KAYALI
Why you are cheating customers

Sunetra Wagh

Though no doubt the biscuits are deliciously flavored, the cost has exceeded its limits
Too much costly for everyone's pocket

Shalini Sunil
Best biscuits

The best Shrewsbury biscuits I have ever had!

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