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Jharna ghee

Jharna ghee

West Bengal

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• Jharna Ghee - One of the most essential items in a Bengali Kitchen from the most trusted brand.
• Contains no artificial colour, flavour & processed from pure 100% natural milk.
• Prepared using the finest quality butter extracted from the milk of cow. The delightful aroma, granular texture & appetizing flavour is a testament to pure and authentic Bengali Ghee.
An ideal accompaniment with your meal, a secret ingredient for delicious Payash, an aromatic delight that makes your every meal special.

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More about Jharna ghee

Net Weight

500 gms

Shelf Life

6 months

What are the ingredients of Jharna ghee


Where is Jharna ghee from?

Jharna ghee is from the state of West Bengal.

What is story of Jharna ghee? Why is the brand so famous?

Jharna Ghee, founded in 1968 by Mr. Sagar Chandra Ghosh and named after his wife, Jharna Rani Ghosh, has indeed come a long way since its humble beginnings. Under the leadership of Jharna Rani Ghosh as the CEO, the company has experienced significant growth and success.
Throughout its history, Jharna Ghee has remained committed to maintaining high-quality standards while adapting to the changing demands of the market. This dedication to quality has been a cornerstone of the company's success. Jharna Ghee understands the importance of consistently delivering a premium product to its customers.

Customer Reviews

Based on 58 reviews
Madhav Joshi
Container is plastic it must be of glass

Glass container should be used

Saikat Ray
Ghee means Jharna in our house

For years for most Bengali houses Ghee means Jharna and ours was no different. So when I got married to a south Indian I introduced this brand to my wife and In-laws. It’s now the staple in all our diets. The taste of jharna is so unique, it’s irresistible… even with just plain rice and salt it brings the whole meal alive.

Anurupa Sen

No ghee tastes better than this. Thank THE STATE PLATE. Very happy with your service.

Utpal Sarkar
One of the best quality Ghee

Got the latest manufacture date product

Reminds me of Dimma's baari

It's like childhood summer vacation nostalgia everytime you smell the ghees aroma and take a bit with your Gobindobhog And Sonamoong's Khichuri. By far one of the most unique ghees of India. It doesn't taste like anything else. No comparison at all..and State Plate just elevates the experience 10X more with its fast and efficient deliver

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How can you buy West Bengal's Jharna ghee online?

You can buy Jharna ghee online at The State Plate at best prices online. The State Plate offers all online payment methods and delivers to 26000+ pincodes in India.

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