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Satyendra Sattu

Satyendra Sattu

West Bengal

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• Sattu or সত্যেন্দ্র ছাতু (Chana Sattu or Roasted Gram Flour) - Natural Protein Drink
• Sattu, also considered to be a superfood, is a staple food of every Indian household because of its protein-rich and cooling nature.
• Sattu Drink is often consumed in summers as a great energizer for a fresh feeling.
• This protein-rich Satyendra Sattoo is made out of grounded chana (Bengal gram flour) and is also used for various preparations other than the popular drink.
• This drink is considered to be soothing, energetic and wholesome as it is high in insoluble fiber and all other essential nutrients.
• Drinking Sattu has multiple benefits- it keeps you hydrated, helps in digestion, improves skin & hair, aids in weight loss and much more!

Process of making-

  1. Take a glass of normal/chilled water
  2. Add 4 tablespoons of Satyendra Sattu
  3. Add a pinch of salt or sugar and/or lemon juice for taste (optional)
  4. Stir well & tasty Satyendra Sattu drink is ready!

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    More about Satyendra Sattu

    Net Weight

    500 gms

    Shelf Life

    4 months

    What are the ingredients of Satyendra Sattu


    Where is Satyendra Sattu from?

    Satyendra Sattu is from the state of West Bengal.

    What is story of Satyendra Sattu? Why is the brand so famous?

    Satyendra sattu is one of the well known and popular brand sattu of west bengal, and now made his name as one of the favorite agro food brand in India. This sattu is manufactured in chetla, Kolkata. It has now become one of the trusted manufacturers for lakh of households including the street vendors and has bulged many achievements since 1987.

    Customer Reviews

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    Gopal Agarwal

    love it

    Jaikumar Menon

    quality good

    Nabamita Maji

    We love satendra sattu.

    Moumita Das

    I just love the fact that I can get the delicacies across the country at the same place

    Santanu Sarkar
    Trusted website

    Now you can eat traditional food of your state even from far away from your state.

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