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Mukharochak Sweet & Sour Chanachur

Mukharochak Sweet & Sour Chanachur

West Bengal

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An experimental product that went on to become the most popular one, you got to eat it to believe its mouth-watering taste!
This crispy delight is the perfect combination of various tastes. It's a bit sweet, bit sour, bit hot & spicy - all the tastes, perfectly blended together to give it a very mystic flavour of its own.
This Sweet & Sour Chanachur from Mukharochak is a healthy snack - no artificial colour, flavour, preservatives or chemical & 0% cholesterol and transfat.

Taste Profile: Sweet & Sour

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More about Mukharochak Sweet & Sour Chanachur

Net Weight

200 gms

Shelf Life

5 months


Chana Besan (Gram Flour), Chira (Parched Rice), Groundnuts, Double refined Vegetable oil, Selected spices & Iodized Salt.

State of Origin

West Bengal

Brand Story

Since: 1950
Location: Kolkata, West Bengal

Mukharochak- One of the most popular, respected and time-tested brands of India, Mukharochak hails from Kolkata. All its products are royal and very tasty. This amazing affair between Mukharochak and millions of Bengali household began over sixty-five years ago and has been continuing since. All it took was an honest and humble approach of a family and their passionate desire to offer some satisfying, yet very exciting snacks to all. The Chandra family almost single-handedly scripted the story of this everlasting affair between Bengalis and that time-tested ethnic snack - Chanachur. The family of the Chandras, like a true pioneer, gave birth to Mukharochak - the brand which would rule snacks loving consumers tongue for decades to come.

Customer Reviews

Based on 30 reviews
Uma Venkataraman
Our favourite

A favourite in our house always. Very good and excellent in taste.

Chirag Gadhia
very tasty

very tasty

Prasun Chakravorty
Tasty Bites

If you want to tingle your taste buds go for this tea snacker.

Devasis Dutt

Hallmark of Mukhorochok, taste and quality hand in hand.

Paramita V

Very tasty

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