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Where and how can I buy Bishanlal online?

You can buy Bishanlal online at The State Plate at best prices. The Slate Plate delivers Bishanlal anywhere in India and abroad including USA, UK and other international countries. The Stale Plate also offers free delivery above a certain amount for domestic orders. You can buy other famous brands from The State Plate also. The State Plate delivers products from Maharashtra, Karnataka, West Bengal, Gujarat, Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, etc.

Why is Bishanlal famous? What is the story behind the brand?

Bishanlal Babulal is amongst the most reputed and quality organizations in the Indian Namkeens & Snacks industry. Established itself in 1985, it has been meeting and exceeding customer expectations with its amazing quality of Bikaneri Snacks and namkeens. As a leading Namkeen manufacturer in India, their products are processed in the latest machinery and under hygienic conditions following all the food-grade standards recommended by the industry. They also give utmost importance to the packaging of their finished products, in order to retain their original taste and to preserve their freshness for a longer duration.

Which state is Bishanlal originate from?

Bishanlal originates from Rajasthan. But with The State Plate, you can now buy Bishanlal anywhere in India and globe.