Our Team

Raghav and Muskaan have been discussing business ideas nearly everyday for more than 2 years now. They (almost) passed out of Shri Ram College of Commerce with a B.Com Hons. degree in their hand, before COVID-19 stepped in and put a comma to their lives.

This comma, however, gave them the time and space to work vigorously on their business idea. It also gave them the courage to pursue their passion, without overthinking all the what ifs that lay ahead of them.

More than two months of hard work later, they proudly present to you, *drumrolls* The State Plate, and they hope you have even half as good an experience shopping on it, as they had creating it for you.


If you want to talk to us about pasta, A.R Rahman or just listen to a terrible shayari by Raghav, feel free to text us, voice note us or call us. We’re up for a conversation, always.