Our Story

May 2020. Lockdown 2.0.
My family’s papad supply got over. I’m a Marwari. If you are one, know one, or have heard about one, you know we’re talking about a major crisis situation here.

Now, the naive may ask, why didn’t you simply get some regular papad from the nearby grocery store, or order it online?! Well, you’ve got to understand, we can’t just eat any papad, that’s plain ridiculous. No, we want to eat Rajasthani papad only. So we did the only thing we could do. We shipped it to our house, 15 kilometres away (the closest place you can get Rajasthani papad from), paying 200 bucks just for delivery.

Soon, we realised that we weren’t the only ones with this problem. Multiple people around us wanted to get their hands on authentic, local food products, but didn’t know where to get it from. The market was simply too unorganized.

Immediately, I called my friend Raghav. That’s when we came up with the idea, and The State Plate was born.