Chitale Bandhu: A humble beginning from Maharashtra ruling the heart of all Indians

Chitale Bandhu: A humble beginning from Maharashtra ruling the heart of all Indians

The Taste of Authentic Maharashtrian Snacks and Sweets: Chitale Bandhu

Food is an integral part of Maharashtra's cultural heritage. It is a good balance between various spices and flavours putting mouthwatering and filling food on your table. The importance of food in different festivities can never be overestimated and here we are, helping you give your taste buds some exercise by snacking on authentic Maharashtrian cuisine by an age-old brand- Chitale Bandhu.

Authentic Maharashtrian Delicacies that everyone grew up with: Chitale Bandhu

Most people who have grown up in Maharashtrian families would tell you that any special occasion or ordinary day was incomplete without snacks and sweets from Chitale Bandhu, be it the spicy bhakarwadi or the savoury Patal Poha Chivda. An essential part of our childhood, have you ever wondered how Chitale Bandhu came to become one of the most trusted brands in the country and even the world?

Chitale Bandhu: The Story behind the Brand

The website of Chitale Bandhu tells their story very well:

Humble Beginnings

“The veins of the rich Chitale legacy trace back to 1939, when the visionary Late Shri. Bhaskar Ganesh Chitale started a humble milk distribution business at Bhilawadi in the Sangli district. This marked the beginning of the first-ever entrepreneurial dairying revolution in India. This worthy lineage was ably carried forward by his sons.”

Chitale Bandhu Sweets

At the beginning of the 1950s, the establishment of Chitale Bandhu Mithaiwale by Raghunath Chitale, affectionately known as Bhausaheb, gave a new direction to the brand. This phase overlapped with the steady growth of the confectionary wing, marked by the establishment of manufacturing and retail outlets for mithai and snacks as well. A foundation strongly engraved in the ethos of quality, excellence and superior customer service has enabled the company to expand to international markets. The far-reaching appeal is evidenced through the increasing demand for its products in the international markets.

The Chitale Story:
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The Legendary Bhakarwadi

A classic example of this is the very popular Bakarwadi, a quintessential Maharashtrian item with a legacy as rich as its ingredients. One simple google search would make you realise that bhakarwadi is not just any product to be found in a store. It is a carefully made delicacy with its very own secret recipe.

A Maharashtrian delicacy with Gujarati origins?

Bhakarwadi is a beloved Maharashtrian snack, but its origins lie in Gujarat. The Gujarati bhakarwadi are sweet, laced with a hint of sourness and spice. The deep-fried delightful snack has been a favourite in the Western parts of India.

How is this delicacy made? Let’s take a look

The preparation follows a simple yet secretive process: rolling out bales and bales of clingy besan dough, slathering a secret spice mix within, and then tug and roll them into perfect little cigarettes, that are flattened and sliced into bhakarwadi.
These little whorls are then dunked into enormous kadhais of bubbling oil, from whence they emerge spackled with a beautiful golden char. The trick lies in the perfect balance of its ingredients and the precise stuffing, which shouldn't leak out when fried.

Well, how did bhakarwadi enter the Maharashtrian Palate?

It entered the Maharashtrian palate when Raghunathrao Chitale first tasted the little snack, in 1970 and decided to make some changes and bring it back home. He inflamed it with more spice, making it more suitable for Maharashtrian palates, and started selling it at their store, Chitale Bandhu, in Pune. The rest, as they say, is culinary history.
The wild popularity of bhakarwadi prompted them to try and automate the entire process. Today, their bhakarwadi is made in the most hygienic environment with the best of ingredients in an entirely automated process.

What are some of the most affordable ways to buy Chitale’s bhakarwadi?

We know this brings back wonderful memories from your childhood and even if it doesn’t, seeing all the love this traditional snack gets might make you want to put some of this on your plate. Well, we can help you get your hands on some of this spicy and yum bhakarwadi.

Let’s compare
a few alternatives. Currently, you can find this product on Amazon,
The State Plate- an exclusive online marketplace for traditional regional food from different parts of India and from Chitale Bandhu’s own website.

  • Amazon sells it as a pack of two of 200 gram each along with delivery charges. Pack of two: 150 rupees; Delivery charges: 100 rupees. Total charges: 250 rupees for 400gm.

  • Chitale Bandhu’s website sells a 500gm pack worth Rupees 180 and charges a delivery fee of about 150 rupees when shipping to the NCR region. You should be able to buy it for about 330 rupees. Doing some simple math, the charges come out to be Rs. 264 for 400 gms.

  • The State Plate charges Rs 150 for 400 gm pack with delivery charges of 25 rupees. Total cost: Rs.175 for 400 gms.

So you can get your hands on some of this delicacy for very affordable prices at State Plate. On top of that, if you’re in the mood to explore some of Chitale Bandhu’s other range or try out regional delicacies from other parts of the country, TSP has an attractive offer for you: free delivery on all orders above Rs 1500. Does that get you in the mood for some food adventures?

Other Products from Chitale Bandhu

Head on to The State Plate’s website to explore other products from this range. Apart from bhakarwadi spring-roll, If you’ve also always wanted to enjoy the famous 'Amba' (Mangoes) from Maharashtra, the wait is over with the Amba Barfis from Chitale Bandhu. They are sure to give you the real and authentic flavours of these famous mangoes which will be hard to stop relishing!
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If you want a nice namkeen to go with your evening tea, look no further. You can try their Patal Poha Chivda or Lite Chivda as an everyday snack. It is a very popular snack made with the combination of mildly seasoned rice flakes, peanuts and crisp grated coconut to give the authentic and delicious relish to the Chivda. With Chitle Bandhu, you can always trust the 100% quality ingredients to maintain the best flavour and taste always.

The Chitale Bandhu Khaman Mix is the perfect find for you if you need to whip up something immediately for a special occasion. Khaman or Yellow Dhokla is a light, fluffy, healthy steamed snack made with a batter of gram flour and a leavening agent. It is a very popular Gujarati snack in India. With a soft and spongy texture, it reveals a sweet, savoury and spicy taste. All you need to do is add water in the Chitale Bandhu Instant Khaman Mix to form a batter and steam cook it. Your Khamans are ready to be served! Garnish it with fresh coriander leaves and shredded coconut.

You can also explore their different Soan Papdi with unique flavours like Anjeer Sonpapdi, Blueberry Sonpapdi, Cranberry Sonpapdi and Mango Sonpapdi. These Sonpapadis come in various different flavours allowing you to blend the taste of a crispy sonpapdi with a delicious mango, anjeer, blueberry or cranberry.

Or you can much away on some sweet and crunchy
Shankarpali. This delight comes in small diamond-shaped pieces made using only superior quality ingredients which is perfect for your relish anywhere and anytime. Its unmatched taste is sure to remind you of Diwali's faraal reminiscing memories.

All we’re trying to say is: there is an amazing world made of savoury Marathi snacks and sweets out there and we know how you can get it- at affordable prices!

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