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Really tasty ,nice thin

Induben Nylon Methi Khakhra

Induben Nylon Methi Khakhra

Writing this review and remembering the taste of this OH SO TANGY CHATPATA soya sticks, this one has the right mix of spices.

We dint onow how crazy this is till we opened the pack. 8 minutes straight, the pack was over.

I had it for the first time as I had randomly bought it...it's just amazing!!!

Mukhorochok is 'Childhood'... ❤️❤️

It is tasty and crispy. But why they are not using groundnut oil in their products.

Gore Bandhu Jain Bhadang (No Onion, No Garlic)

Price High

Quality - yummy
Price - Pretty High

Aakash Namkeen Laung Sev

Very tasty

Shreeji Khakhras - Mast Masala

Lots of Sugar instead of Jaggery as opposed to Label

Stop using sugar when you name the product as GUR , Jaggery. Not only it is misleading customers but spoil their health if they believe Gur and eat.

Good Quality

I like it

Good Bites

I liked it .. recommend highly

Go for it

Urea free muri at reasonable price. We dont get this kind in Bangalore. So loved it.

Very nice and unique taste

Very nice snack , glad to have it on repeat order

Loved the coconut Burfi. Repeated the order thrice!

Bishanlal Babulal Bikaneri Bhujia (Bundi Mix)

Nema Gud Gajak
Sweet treat

the gajak tasted as we remembered from all those years ago. only thing was that most of it was powered. maybe the packaging needs tweaking.

Karachi Bakery Osmania Biscuits