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JK Spices Yellow Mustard

JK Spices Yellow Mustard

West Bengal

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• JK Spices Yellow Mustard or Sarsoo is a tangy and a pungent flavored spice which is prepared using fresh quality mustard seeds, dried, and processed into powder.
• It is used as a number one ingredient in salad dressing, sandwiches, cream and cheesy sauces. It can also be used to add heat in a cuisine without using chili peppers.
• Apart from its use as a spice, it also has various medicinal benefits for treating muscle spasms, fighting cancer, and various others.

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Net Weight

100 gms

Shelf Life

12 months


Yellow Mustard Seeds

State of Origin

West Bengal

Brand Story

Since: 1957
Location: Kolkata, West Bengal

The journey was started in 1957 with a dream to serve the market with pure and hygienically packed spices and food products. This foresight was efficiently guided by Late. Shri. Dhannalal Jain (Kala), the founding father of JK. Today, it will not be wrong to say that JK Spices has created niche for itself in the market efficiently. They maintain consistency in the quality of our products through out the year. JK Spices believe in implementation than just planning. The company is focused to spread its quality superiority all around the globe.

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